There are many basic needs to address with dealing with the victims of the disaster. Among the most important are food, water, shelter and medical aid for the sick and injured. If these four necessities are quickly introduced to a community in need, the rest can follow.

 The suitable housing is essential for all of those displaced during a disaster. Families could find themselves left homeless by fire, flood or storms. Communities could find themselves evacuated from areas due to risks to their property or lives.

They need a bed for the night, not simply a place to lay down and sleep. It is easy to underestimate the importance of mattresses for displaced families, but they are a vital resource.

Shelter and temporary accommodation is a must in all disaster hit areas. Local families need somewhere warm and secure to sleep. However, the conditions are not always adequate. It all depends on the resources available, the funding of the organization and space.

Displaced Families

For some charities, it isn’t enough to provide a basic camp bed or a mat and blanket on the floor. A good night’s sleep is essential for the health and well-being of these victims, especially the children. Where possible, it helps to bring some normalcy to a situation.

This can is achievable when sticking to routine and using ordinary, everyday items. A camp bed says something is wrong. A mattress and bed are more comforting than anything else. The charity Unlocking Autism found this to be particularly true for displaced children with the condition.

Therefore, these victims need a proper mattress, and the aid providers need donations.

One such organization to try and put things right is the Baton Rogue Emergency Aid Coalition. They raised money to buy bunk beds for their shelter. Others only want more mattresses for displaced families. Where possible many aid providers turned to mattress stores for help & gain items at a discount or reduced costs.

Others will rely on donations from supporters. One charity effort that goes a long way towards helping this effort is Adopt A Flood Family. This foundation works within Louisiana and California to bring beds to those in need.

 They can now buy a bunk bed and two mattresses with a donation of $200. This will provide a safe place to sleep for siblings or friends where they can stay warm and stick together in the crisis. In this nicer environment, with some saved possessions, these children have a sanctuary in the middle of a crisis.

In the case of many flood and fire victims, it is not just temporary shelter and accommodation required. What happens when these families get to go home but have no bed? This is another area where mattresses for displaced families are such an important lifeline.

A family that deals with a flood do not deal with the problem for that short period of disaster. The effects are often felt for much longer as the extent of the damage becomes clear, and the clean-up operation begins. Sooner or later, the temporary accommodation – whether through a hotel, shelter or another charitable enterprise – will run out. They have to return to a damaged home with no bed.

Affordable Online Mattresses

Some aid agencies work with disaster victims to help them find funds for essential items for the home. This can sometimes be easier said than done with a bed. A washing machine, fridge or other necessary white items can be easily replaced. There isn’t the time to find a mattress showroom and test out options. This is where the rise of the online mattress store helps.

Online suppliers provide beds with direct delivery to the buyer’s door and a trial, money-back period to test it out. In addition to this, these high-end, memory foam mattresses are often cheaper than those in brick and mortar stores.

This means that families in need should have an easier time affording one of these while budgeting for repairs and renovations. Alternatively, it is a great way for relatives, friends or other kind benefactors to help out with mattresses for displaced families.

Mattresses for displaced families are much more than a simple piece of foam on the floor of a shelter. They are an essential item that can bring comfort to parents struggling to sleep and normalcy to children struggling to cope. With more donations from supporter and suppliers and more options in affordable online mattresses, they can help more families.