Superstorm Sandy was one of the most devastating storms to hit the American East Coast in recent history. It disrupted lives and destroyed homes and businesses across New Jersey.

Many of these incidents saw families struggle to get back on their feet. The Superstorm Sandy Relief effort encouraged local community leaders and charities to join forces to aid families.

They worked to provide funding and support through materials, labor, and other efforts. The result saw thousands of dollars given to worthy causes that would provide a vital resource for those in need.

Demolition and renovations experts are essential in disaster relief efforts.

Disaster Relief Efforts

Families and communities need emotional, financial and physical help and support to rebuild homes and reclaim their lives.

Families need the emotional strength and guidance to say goodbye to an old home, let go and move on. They need the financial help to fund this major project when costs escalate out of control. Then they need the physical help via labor and materials to get the job done.

This is where relief projects like Superstorm Sandy Relief help. Without links to organizations with time, skills and resources, many disaster-hit communities would struggle.

This all requires the time and skill of some of the best charitable groups within the industry.

One of the first steps is to provide contact with groups that can help with demolition. This is a tricky part of the process for homeowners.

A flood ridden home can seem like something to rescue and salvage. Families will want to do all they can to revive the old home and return to normality.

There are times when this just isn’t possible. This is why the Superstorm Sandy Relief team turned to Burners Without Borders, and We Are Team Jersey, with $800 and $5000 worth of aid respectively.

The former are a California-based demolition organization brought in to work on homes and businesses in the area. The later specialize in the removal of drywall, plywood and mold so are also of help in reconstruction work.

Demolition of old homes is a great start, but families and neighborhoods also need the materials to start on new projects. This is where Sea Bright Rising, in partnership with Habitat for Humanity, came to the rescue.

This group received $10,000 to provide materials to help with these new builds and the work needed to renovate old ones.

Disaster Relief

The dedication and effort of responses such as Superstorm Sandy Relief highlight just what is achievable in a crisis.

There are many different areas of disaster relief that require the funding and workforce to help those in need. Many community-related disasters need aid in the form of food, health care, and temporary accommodation.

The relief work seen in New Jersey highlights the need for ongoing support when the disaster is over, and families return to their homes. Other areas can learn from this example as a strong model for future disaster relief efforts.


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