This day and age, in our modern digital society, there are countless companies and websites dedicated to crowd-funding or crowd-sourcing.

These companies exist to help anybody anywhere at any time set up a campaign to help with financial goals. The only catch is they usually take a small percentage of the pie before you can cash out. This, however, should not be a deterrent from using these services.

The fees are sometimes minimal, and alternative funding sources, as these sites have begun to be commonly referred to as can be a great way for a family to get some financial assistance after disaster strikes.

Fires, floods, and even tornadoes can strike families only home, seemingly out of the blue. Leaving the family homeless and completely helpless.

Certain features and fees exist in different ways on each site so paying attention to the one’s that best apply to your individual needs would be advised so that maximum success and exposure is achieved.

I have created a list of the top fifteen crowd-funding websites with each fee and tools so that you and your family can make a decision on which site will best meet your needs.

Some companies offer community forums or chat thread pages. Using these to research the type of audience or demographic that a particular site appeals to can help you make a better-informed decision on which choicely is better for you.

Some smart advice before choosing a crowd-funding site would be to do a pre-launch. Set up a page for your campaign on Facebook, Google, and choose a #HASHTAG to use for every campaign-related tweet you send out.

A quick Word Press page and a small blog set up will create more credit and exposure for your campaign. It is relatively simple to find someone to help with these tasks if you don’t know how or don’t have the time.

Using sites like Fiverr or Up work to post these tasks for a low fee is simple and straightforward. Leveraging Facebook, Twitter, even Youtube by shooting a short video, is the only way to create a successful campaign. It’s your job to get as many people or views and shares to your page as possible.

The more people are viewing an active campaign, the high success rate and more money you will be able to drum up.

So here is the list in no exact order. Pay attention to the fees and tools each one offers.


This site charges no fee to fund-raising organizations since it is for either a personal or charitable effort. Legal issues such as court costs, bail services or attorney defense fees cannot be fund-raised on this site.

Funeral, memorial, education, tuition, and medical costs such as surgery or cancer, costs care are offered here. Community, faith or pet expenses have their categories on this platform.

No fees are charged directly to YouCaring. Donors have the option to donate to the site for the purpose of supporting operations. WePay or PayPal do third-party donation processing for $0.30 and 2.9% per donation.

YOUCARING - Fund-raising Organizations


Fundly’s crowd-sourcing has helped to raise over $330,000,000. Non-profits or individuals can use this service. Launched in 2009 Fund is one of the first crowd-sourcing companies out there.

Offering different social media buttons and video, raising money quickly is the goal here. A 4.9% fee plus additional credit card fees apply.


With over 12 million visitors every month, Kickstarter is the largest crowd-sourcing site out there offering the most kinds of campaigns.

With a 5% fee, there is a charge for its services.  Stripe processes its payments between 3% & 5% of the pledged amount.


No restrictions on the campaign type here. You can fund-raise for just about anything. If seeking funds from a worldwide audience, this platform may fair better for you. Almost 10 million people visit Indiegogo every month.

Fees are steep at 9%. However, if you reach your goal, they will give 5% back to you. It pays to reach your goal here. PayPal or credit cards processed at between 3% and 5%.


Rockethub is up on the list. In one option you may keep all pledges whether the goal is met or not. Partnered with A&E, you may have the chance to get your campaign on TV. They charge a 4% fee and a 4% credit card fee.


You may start a fundraiser for a favorite cause. No annual fee for the basic membership with a 5% fee plus credit card fees.


Fundable offers two ways to crowd-source. Rewards-based or Equity-based. Both ways to attempt it charge $179 a month with processing fees for the rewards based option.


Go fund is the most popular site of this kind for individual causes. Personal attempts do not need a goal or end date. A 5% fee plus 3% per credit card donation isn’t too expensive comparably.


Give forward is perfect for a families financial, medical needs. They boast to be #1 for such efforts.

They offer advice from a coach for each campaign. One can receive funds in small bits or all at once. 5% plus 2.9% processing fees apply.


College Grads or students may use this platform to fund the University community. Not so great for a family in a disaster need, however using this resource to help with education needs could alleviate financial stress.


Web developers and tools can be leveraged here to help your campaign become professional. Creating your website with this platform is similar to using a Word Press theme. 5% fees on any transaction.

 Crowdfunding for Nonprofits


Perfect for someone with more regular funding needs.


The UK based only. It helps in fulfilling the business needs.


10% interest fee and a $2000 admin fee for businesses only.

Another business related site.


Also a business related start-up crowd-funding site.

Concluding, Options for crowd-funding your families disaster-related expenses is easier than ever. Finding the right option is as simple as visiting a few and seeing which platform you like the best.

Campaigns that have the best results are campaigns that are viral or spread through the web through extensive social media exposure. It isn’t as hard as it sounds.

Start with a blog, a web page, choose your crowd-funding source, and share with the world your need for help. Don’t forget to enjoy the process in your time of need.