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Music Events For Disaster Relief Funding

When the flood hit the city of Baton Rouge in August 2016, thousands upon thousands found themselves displaced. 40,000 homes received damage, 60,000 residents signed up for FEMA assistance, and 11 died. The impact spread across 20 parishes, ensuring that it would be the worst in the history of Louisiana.

There is always a rainbow of hope in the form of aid and donations for disaster relief. This tragedy showed the nation what they could achieve with a little charitable effort. A large part of this came from a strong push from the music industry.

There are many ways that musicians, record labels and others in the industry can help out in times of need.

As with any disaster relief effort, donations were essential here. Musicians such as Louisiana-born Britney Spears and Taylor Swift called upon their large fan base to donate to the cause and raise awareness.

Music Events For Disaster Relief

Celebrity statements from music artists like this can bring an issue to a much wider audience. Donations can come from as simple an action encouraging others to give or giving a percentage of taking from music events and concerts. Of course, there was also the sizable donation from the artists themselves.

Music events like concerts can provide other forms of fundraising opportunities for communities in need. Also, through ticket sales, artists can raise money through special sales and charity auctions.

A premium package of a meet and greet with a star is an expensive purchase for a fan. Some of the money can go to a worthy cause.

Britney Spears saw an opportunity and set up a competition to win an outfit from a VMA performance. Everyone that pledged $10 went into the prize draw.

Of course, it is not just the major names that can help in a crisis.

Music events and music-focused relief efforts don’t have to fall at the door of the rich and famous. There are also other charities and organizations that can help. A small-scale community concert can raise money for local families.

Music groups can donate equipment and funds to those that lost theirs in the disaster. This is what happened in Baton Rogue with MusiCares. This foundation works to provide aid for musicians and those in the industry suffering in flood.

If applicants could provide proof of five years industry employment or six commercially-released recordings, they were eligible. Many then received financial aid to help them cover the costs of their loss. Others received medical assistance.

The great thing about these efforts in Baton Rogue disaster relief is that they are not area specific.

Fundraising Ideas

The fundraising campaign by Britney, the other sizable donations, and the charitable responses all added to the aid effort. HYet this is the sort of action that can have an impact anywhere.

Any community dealing with flooding, fire or another catastrophe can benefit from musical events. They can be large or small in scale, as long as they make a difference to someone’s life.

A simple benefit concert, a community musical charity and a local star with connections can do a lot in a crisis.

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