Covid-19 Pandemic

Dealing With Grief During The Covid-19 Pandemic

In this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, many families are experiencing the losses of loved ones. The manners of grief and sorrow are obstructed by social distancing, making it challenging to genuinely indicate the pain’s passing and share.

With a more expected death, there are chances to say goodbye, and some preparation can be accomplished. The deaths as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic are traumatic: They weren’t expected. An ambulance could have come for a loved one fighting to breathe.

If there were chances to say goodbye, they might have been restricted or even done remotely with the support of a healthcare worker who, nevertheless affectionate, struggles to deal with uncommon stress and the size of what their job now involves.… Read More

Hurricane Laura

Hurricane Laura Relief Efforts for Louisiana And Texas

On August 27, 2020, Hurricane Laura struck Cameron, Louisiana, as a Category 4 storm, producing 150 mph winds and destructing storm waves to recovering from previous storms like Harvey.  State officials at Texas and Louisiana ordered over 1.5 million residents to flee.

However, a few of the communities in the evacuation zones are among the weakest in their respective nations — forcing several residents to make unwanted decisions. Texas’ Jefferson County, which was in the path of this storm, has a poverty rate that is greater than 18%, higher than the national and state average, reports Texas Public Radio.… Read More

How to prepare the economy after Covid-19

Planning To Rebuild The Global Economy After Covid-19

What are your thoughts about the global economy after the Covid-19 pandemic? Once you reconcile yourself with this fact, many things become more apparent, including how to withstand the present onslaught, the way to defend ourselves against the darkened days that still await, and the way to reopen the market responsibly. With the correct understanding, we can reconstruct appropriately, with greater resilience and equity.

At the start of 2020, we thought random mass death did not exist on the planet Earth. For human history, infectious disease was a persistent threat, and the battle against it was an essential element of human civilization. However, from the mid-19th century, science started to get the upper hand against diseases such as cholera.… Read More

Wildfire relief funds for CA Residents

Organizations Providing California Wildfire Relief Funds For CA Residents

Northern California Wildfire

After a wet, cool spring, the 2019 Wildfire Season Northern California has kicked into high gear, with at least 100 wildfires burning over 40,000 acres. The biggest fire so is Modoc County’s Tucker Fire, which scorched more than 14,000 acres.

This year follows the most harmful wildfire season in Northern California history, burning near 1.5 million acres and endangering communities from Madera County to the Oregon border. The most devastating wildfire in California History, Butte County’s Camp Fire, burnt over 153,000 acres, ruining near 19,000 and killing 85 structures.… Read More

Help Nebraska Flood Victims

Listing Of Organizations To Help Nebraska Flood Victims

The beating Nebraska has obtained from bad storms from mid-May has prompted an additional disaster declaration and aid application procedure for its flood victims.

Gov. Pete Ricketts announced the new disaster declaration for storm damage that has occurred since May 16. Flooding, hail, strong winds, torrential rains, and tornadoes have pummeled the state since mid-May. In March, a powerful blizzard and historical flooding prompted an earlier disaster declaration.

Federal aid applications for this period were limited to damage that occurred between March 9 and April 1. Hence there was a new declaration required to file for destroyed or damaged items that have happened in May and June.… Read More

AL tornado causes damage to community

Alabama Disaster Relief Is On Its Way For Tornado Victims

Hours after a destructive tornado ripped through Alabama in March; President Donald Trump decided to use Twitter to assure that the state would get “A Plus treatment” from the federal government. As local officials start their recovery in town, the residents can start calling the hotline for Alabama disaster relief information.

However, the president strongly worded promise — and his determination to see the state on Friday, just days following the storms there killed 23 people — marked a sharp contrast with all the rhetoric he’s used recently to describe disasters in bluer regions of the nation, where he regularly criticizes local leaders and threatens to draw federal aid.Read More

Federal Disaster Assistance

Highlighting The Usefulness Of The Federal Disaster Assistance Website

According to experts, natural disasters are on the rise not only in the United States but also in other parts of the world. Most experts attribute this increase to climate change. On the other hand, even the risk of human-made disasters is on the rise; after all, the threat of war and terrorist attacks is always looming in modern times.

Despite the distinct difference between these two types of disasters, some things remain common between the two. First and foremost, they both occur in a sudden and unexpected manner. Secondly, they both have potentially devastating effects on the victims.… Read More

Music Events For Disaster

Music Events For Disaster Relief Funding

When the flood hit the city of Baton Rouge in August 2016, thousands upon thousands found themselves displaced. 40,000 homes received damage, 60,000 residents signed up for FEMA assistance, and 11 died. The impact spread across 20 parishes, ensuring that it would be the worst in the history of Louisiana.

There is always a rainbow of hope in the form of aid and donations for disaster relief. This tragedy showed the nation what they could achieve with a little charitable effort. A large part of this came from a strong push from the music industry.… Read More

Superstorm Sandy Relief

Superstorm Sandy Relief – A Key Model For Future Disaster Relief Funding

Superstorm Sandy was one of the most devastating storms to hit the American East Coast in recent history. It disrupted lives and destroyed homes and businesses across New Jersey.

Many of these incidents saw families struggle to get back on their feet. The Superstorm Sandy Relief effort encouraged local community leaders and charities to join forces to aid families.… Read More

Natural Disasters

Natural Disasters Relief Crowdfunding – What You Should Know

We all have heard about natural disasters and their devastating effects. However, most of us don’t have much experience with them. Powerful forces of nature cause these catastrophes which further affect lives of millions of people each year. Disaster relief is then needed which requires money, so crowdfunding is a new method to raise money for those areas devastated.

They are so powerful that they can displace an entire community overnight or even destroy landscapes beyond recognition. It is unfortunate that these disasters are unpreventable and occur worldwide.

When it comes to inflicting long-term effects, natural disasters are perfect at that. They are associated with severe weather conditions and natural processes whose impact on the environment, economy, and society lasts for a long period.… Read More

Portable Air Conditioners

Portable Air Conditioners – Saving Businesses After Disaster Strikes

Mother Nature is full of beautiful things; both animate and inanimate. On the other side of the coin, Mother Nature is often the source of devastation and destruction. Natural disasters have existed since the beginning of time.

According to environmentalists and other researchers, disasters are bound to increase in prevalence simply because of climate change. Common disasters include; heat waves, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes and severe storms.… Read More

Natural Disaster Fundraising

Online Fund-Raising Companies To Help Families After Disaster Strikes

This day and age, in our modern digital society, there are countless companies and websites dedicated to crowd-funding or crowd-sourcing.

These companies exist to help anybody anywhere at any time set up a campaign to help with financial goals. The only catch is they usually take a small percentage of the pie before you can cash out. This, however, should not be a deterrent from using these services.

The fees are sometimes minimal, and alternative funding sources, as these sites have begun to be commonly referred to as can be a great way for a family to get some financial assistance after disaster strikes.… Read More

Natural Disaster

How To Raise Funds After A Natural Disaster

Natural disasters are very hard to plan for and can happen to anyone without prior warning. When natural disasters strike, several charitable organizations and businesses suddenly spring up all with a single mission; to conduct fundraising events and gather some form of support from the public and other businesses.

Most people will feel concerned and united to support such courses and a near-universal reaction from the public and customers. In the past, sourcing funds following natural disaster involved receiving mailed checks and donations from fundraising events. Today, modern technology makes it easy to exploit various avenues and getting donations is no longer a daunting procedure.… Read More