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Listing Of Hurricane Florence and Michael Relief Efforts

Natural disasters like hurricanes cause severe damage to infrastructure and property in the impacted areas.  Hurricanes, cyclones, or typhoons (depending on the region of the world) are characterized by strong winds and severe rainfall leading to flooding in different places. They can also result in loss of life, but the survivors experience the worst impact of hurricanes.

For example, residents are worst affected by hurricanes since they lead to the destruction of homes. As a result, all the affected people lose a lot of essential things in their lives. In such situations, emergency hurricane relief efforts in kind or financial assistance becomes a necessity.

Just a few weeks ago in September, North Carolina was hit by Hurricane Florence. It is estimated that Hurricane Florence caused damages and economic losses to the tune of between $38 billion and $50 billion.… Read More

Natural Disasters Relief Crowdfunding – What You Should Know

We all have heard about natural disasters and their devastating effects. However, most of us don’t have much experience with them. Powerful forces of nature cause these catastrophes which further affect lives of millions of people each year. Disaster relief is then needed which requires money, so crowdfunding is a new method to raise money for those areas devastated.

They are so powerful that they can displace an entire community overnight or even destroy landscapes beyond recognition. It is unfortunate that these disasters are unpreventable and occur worldwide.

When it comes to inflicting long-term effects, natural disasters are perfect at that. They are associated with severe weather conditions and natural processes whose impact on the environment, economy, and society lasts for a long period.… Read More

Portable Air Conditioners – Saving Businesses After Disaster Strikes

Mother Nature is full of beautiful things; both animate and inanimate. On the other side of the coin, Mother Nature is often the source of devastation and destruction. Natural disasters have existed since the beginning of time.

According to environmentalists and other researchers, disasters are bound to increase in prevalence simply because of climate change. Common disasters include; heat waves, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes and severe storms.… Read More