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Listing Of Hurricane Florence and Michael Relief Efforts

Natural disasters like hurricanes cause severe damage to infrastructure and property in the impacted areas.  Hurricanes, cyclones, or typhoons (depending on the region of the world) are characterized by strong winds and severe rainfall leading to flooding in different places. They can also result in loss of life, but the survivors experience the worst impact of hurricanes.

For example, residents are worst affected by hurricanes since they lead to the destruction of homes. As a result, all the affected people lose a lot of essential things in their lives. In such situations, emergency hurricane relief efforts in kind or financial assistance becomes a necessity.

Just a few weeks ago in September, North Carolina was hit by Hurricane Florence. It is estimated that Hurricane Florence caused damages and economic losses to the tune of between $38 billion and $50 billion.… Read More

The Role Of The American Red Cross In Disaster Relief

The American Red Cross is an organization that is synonymous with emergency care and support for those in need. Despite all of this, some people still have the wrong idea about the role of the American Red Cross. There is the common assumption that this is an agency that comes in for major incidents and international disaster relief efforts.

The reality is that they are on hand to help in a range of scenarios. Any American town under threat from the natural disaster or major catastrophe is on their radar. However, they will also help in smaller scale issues where needed.… Read More