Natural disasters like hurricanes cause severe damage to infrastructure and property in the impacted areas.  Hurricanes, cyclones, or typhoons (depending on the region of the world) are characterized by strong winds and severe rainfall leading to flooding in different places. They can also result in loss of life, but the survivors experience the worst impact of hurricanes.

For example, residents are worst affected by hurricanes since they lead to the destruction of homes. As a result, all the affected people lose a lot of essential things in their lives. In such situations, emergency hurricane relief efforts in kind or financial assistance becomes a necessity.

Just a few weeks ago in September, North Carolina was hit by Hurricane Florence. It is estimated that Hurricane Florence caused damages and economic losses to the tune of between $38 billion and $50 billion.

Similarly, Hurricane Michael recently hit the Florida Panhandle, Northwest Florida and the victims need assistance as well. They may need things like ready to eat food, and everyone can play a role in donating something toward the affected people.

If you want to donate something toward Hurricane Florence victims, you can approach charities, not for profit agencies and government departments. These agencies usually take a leading role in sourcing donations to assist the affected people. They also accept donations in various forms.

The list below includes all agencies that are helping North Carolina residents to rebuild their homes and communities. You can approach any one of them to send your donation and make sure the agency you approach is registered. Those out of town can get details about the agencies they can contact to send their gifts.

Charities in Carolina

The following is a list of Carolina-based charities where those who want to donate can forward their contributions to assist in hurricane relief efforts:

Source: Fox Business

Diaper Bank of North Carolina is seeking donations in the form of personal care items that include hygiene products, sanitary pads, wipes as well as diapers among others. People in Durham can drop the things they want to donate at the bank’s headquarters at 1311 East Club Blvd. Durham NC 27704. You can also use the group’s Amazon wish list to donate.

Friendship Trays is another organization that helps the affected families in different ways. It is seeking volunteer drivers who can deliver meals to people in their homes in the Charlotte area. If you feel you can perform the task, you can approach the organization.

Harvest Hope Food Bank is looking for food donations and other necessary cleaning supplies to help the victims of Hurricane Florence. If you have something to offer, that will be a kind gesture, and you can approach the organization for assistance.

Loaves & Fishes is another agency seeking donations from well-wishers to assist the people affected by the monsoon. The agency operates through a network of food pantries. Donors are asked to donate a week’s worth of nonperishable food items to the families affected by the natural disaster. Loaves & Fishes is also in Florida.

North Carolina Community Foundation Disaster Relief Fund supports hurricane victims through engaging in different fundraising activity. The Fund also accepts donations from various individuals who may be interested in supporting this noble cause of helping people affected by the disaster. The funds go directly to nonprofit organizations that are serving the members of the communities affected by Hurricane Florence in North Carolina. The Foundation does not use any money donated for administration purposes. Therefore, feel free to donate to help someone in need by visiting the Foundation’s website.

American Red Cross disaster relief

American Red Cross is probably the largest humanitarian organization that is taking a leading role in assisting the victims of Hurricane Florence. The organization accepts financial donations, and you can check their website if you want to donate. You can also call 1.800. RED CROSS to get more details about how you can contribute.

Catholic Charities of USA accepts donations from interested persons to assist the affected people by Hurricane Florence. If you want to contribute, visit CCUSA’s disaster-specific website, or you can alternatively text 71777 to donate.

Donors Choose is another organization that accepts donations from the public to contribute to recovery efforts for damages caused by Hurricane Florence. The organization intends explicitly to repair schools damaged by the hurricane. Members of the public and teachers can report the affected schools for full support.

The Disaster Recovery Network at Global Giving– the organization, accepts donations to help the victims of Hurricane Florence. If you want to donate, you can visit their website.

International Medical Corps accepts contributions to assist people affected by the hurricane.  The organization provides different supplies as well as healthcare to the Hurricane Florence victims. You can visit their website to contribute.

Salvation Army works with different nonprofit organizations to help the people affected by Hurricane Florence. People who want to donate something can visit They can text the word STORM to 51555, or they can call 1.800.SAL.ARMY.

salvation army fund raising

Save the Children primarily aims to provide support to affected children and their families by the devastating effects of Hurricane Florence. The agency accepts donations in cash and other child-related items like diapers, baby wipes and many more. Interested partners can visit their website to get more information about how they can send their contributions.

United Way Hurricane Florence Recovery Fund provides the affected communities with various resources to uplift their welfare during difficult times. The Fund accepts financial support to assist the victims of the storm especially in North and South Carolina, Georgia, Maryland, and other affected areas. If you want to donate, you can visit their website.

World Hope Foundation is another organization that is currently on the ground offering relief and support to the affected people by Hurricane Florence. The organizations accept donations from well-wishers from different backgrounds. Interested persons can click here to donate. Alternatively, you can also donate via check using the following postal details: World Hope International, ATTN: Gift Processing, PO Box 743794, Atlanta, GA 30374-3794. You can also phone on 888-466-HOPE.

Corporate Donors Relief Efforts

There are also different charities that accept your contributions apart from the ones listed above. You can also contribute via corporate donor sites if you feel that you cannot use charities and other donor agencies. These include the following:

7-Eleven cordially invites the customers to add $1 that goes towards assisting the affected people by Hurricane Florence. All the donations go to Red Cross which later procures the resources for the affected people.  7-Eleven stores are participating in this initiative, and you can make your contribution here.

Amazon also partnered with two major humanitarian organizations, Red Cross and Feeding America. You can contribute using Amazon Echo, a smart device that functions using voice recognition. You can donate from your Amazon account using Alexa by just saying:  “Alexa, donate Hurricane Florence.”

Cincinnati Reds has also set a campaign to raise funds that will benefit the people affected by Hurricane Florence. Interested persons can donate in cash or kind, and you can donate here. You also get vital details about how you can make your contribution.

Source: Fox Business

Google is another corporation that is fundraising money for the American Red Cross to assist the victims of the hurricane. The organization aims to raise about $1 million in donations that go straight to Red Cross to offer assistance to the needy. If you want to donate, click here for more information.

Home Depot Foundation operates in collaboration with other nonprofit organizations such as Team Rubicon, American Red Cross as well as Operation Blessing among others. The foundation is seeking donations to raise about $3 million to provide support to both South and North Carolina. As such, the foundation is asking for contributions from people who are willing to help the victims of Hurricane Florence.

North Carolina Disaster Relief Fund accepts contributions to assist Hurricane Florence victims. Well-wishers can make their contributions after signing the secure web form from this site. You can also mail your gift using the following postal details: 20312 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC 27699. Alternatively, you can text the word FLORENCE to 20222. Well-wishers are requested not to donate unsolicited items like clothing. Money is ideal since it can procure the commodities needed locally.

United Way of North Carolina Disaster Relief also accepts contributions in the form of cash. Well-wishers can mail their checks to United Way Worldwide on the following postal address-P.O. Box 418607 Boston, MA 02241-8607. You should reference the name of the natural disaster in your memo. You can also make your contribution to this website.

Charities & Agencies accepting contributions for Hurricane Michael in Florida

The following is a list of agencies and charities accepting donations to help the people affected by Hurricane Michael. People who wish to donate can visit the official websites of these organizations to gain more details about how they can contribute.

Florida Disaster Fund The state accepts contributions to assist victims of Hurricane Michael. People willing to send their gifts can text DISASTER to 20222 where they can donate $10. Alternatively, they can make the donations online here.

The American Red Cross is the most prominent humanitarian organization taking a leading role in assisting the affected people. Well-wishers can send their contributions in cash to Red Cross via text by sending $10 to MICHAEL on 90999. Well-wishers can also make their donations online here.

The Gulf Coast Disaster Relief Fund is accepting different gifts to support relief and reconstruction of communities damaged by Hurricane Michael. The Fund distributes the donations to charities and other not for profit organizations helping affected communities. People interested in making contributions can visit Gulf Coast Disaster, Relief Fund.

Feeding Florida consists of a network of organizations providing food to families that have been affected by Hurricane Michael. The agency works with the state and other partners to ensure that they help people in need during periods of disaster. People who wish to contribute can visit Feeding Florida for more information.

Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services The agency accepts contributions mainly in cash, and it states the requirements for contributing on its website. Individuals who wish to make contributions toward helping victims of Hurricane Michael can visit Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services.

Save the Children team focuses explicitly on supplying items for children to families in hardest hit areas by Hurricane Michael. The team is seeking donations that include hygiene kits, baby wipes, and diapers to assist families with children. People who are willing to contribute can visit Save the Children to get more details about how they can send the items.

GoFundMe is another agency that is compiling a list of fundraising activities to assist people who have been affected by Hurricane Michael. Individuals who wish to make contributions can also visit the above site for more details.

World Vision is also accepting an assortment of items including clean water, diapers, blankets, hygiene kits as well as other personal care items. These items will go to more than 3,000 people who are most vulnerable following the devastating Hurricane Michael. People who are willing to assist can donate here.

Samaritan’s Purse is mobilizing resources to provide emergency aid to the people affected by Hurricane Michael in Georgia and the Florida Panhandle. The agency is calling well-wishers to donate some money toward this noble cause. You can cat more information about how you can donate here.

Global Giving seeks to raise about $2 million to go towards helping the victims of Hurricane Michael in different parts. The agency is appealing for donations from well-wishers. You can send your contributions here or get more information about the operations of this organization.

You can also use other alternative sources of information to find charities and agencies that can accept your contribution. For example, Charity Navigator provides a list of charities that are assisting victims of Hurricane Florence and Hurricane Michael.

For more information, you can visit the Charity Navigator website. Many official agencies accept donations, and you can make a change by contributing. You also have the opportunity to make a follow-up and check if your money reached the right people.